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Guerra, Quality Italian hats since 1855

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Guerra 1855, Italian Hat Manufacturer

The Guerra Italian hat is not only an accessory, it reflects Guerra's way of life, and thinking. It's not easy to describe in a few lines more then 100 years of history and passion for the hat. Since 1855, Guerra Hat Company has been actively involved in an evolution of histrionic fashion, thus participating in man's evolution. Not only models and colors, but also material and continuous research, have kept Guerra's Italian hats on the cutting edge of fashion. Guerra Italian hats still maintain their essence and centennial tradition and style, but continually adapt to the time. Their history exemplifies their passion and emotion in creating everytime, a unique and special hat.

History of Guerra 1855

In 1855 the Mastro Cappellaio Guerra received his first inquiry for hats from the Savoia army, and craftsmen and true artists in hatmaking joined his staff. The hat crisis of the 1950s, began his exportation to far markets and countries who appreciated the art, passion and quality of his hats. Since 1855 many things have changed, and Guerra hats have been there, worn by generals and rebels, business men and craftsmen, scientists and writers, poets and reactionaries, statesmen and even presidents.

One hundred years ago, the quality felt Italian hat, was the tradition of Guerra 1855, and they have maintained this prestigious position as they continually employ new materials and add new models. High quality cashmeres, alpacas, and amazing and innovative technical fabrics, are now a significant part of Guerra 1855. Their passion and craftsmanship remains unchanged, and along with perseverance has made them a leader in the European hat making market. Guerra produces over 100 new and different styles each season for gents and ladies. Felt, fabric, straw, all of their hats are superior quality, whether classic, elegant, or casual wear style. Their research has made possible the creation of a world wide unique and exclusive Italian hat, the cashmere felt hat, of which only Guerra holds the know-how. The study of the needs of our times has resulted in production of light and crushable hats, the Guerra Roller hat even allows a roll up, and still maintains its shape and stylish characteristics. Guerra is privileged to have as their customers, Presidents Eisenhower, Mitterand, and Scia' of Persia, and many more. Guerra hats are appreciated and worn by many international eminent personages in political, religious, sports and show-biz arenas.

How Guerra Italian hats are born

The truly fashionable hat can have 1000 shapes, colors, models, materials, but one significant and indistinguishable passion must guide its creation. Guerra views a hat as a felt sculpture, which can be delicately molded by expert hands. Only eco-friendly and nature-respective products are used to maintain the characteristic obtained after vapor and pressure processes. Even today Guerra is striving to manufacture hats that continue to transmit their passion, the same passion that inspired Mastri Cappellai in 1855, and his descendants thereafter.

Stiffening and Forming Guerra Italian hats

The first goal is the delicate but radical modifications achieved on a felt-body Italian hat made permanent by stiffening and steaming. This assists in the definition of the hat and the process of shaping and sizing. Consistence and structure, main characteristics, detail and size are fashioned during this process..

Smoothing and Pressing Guerra Italian hats

After one night in the drying room, the second step begins. Due to the balanced and precise rolling process some particular finishings are given to the hat surface. Velvet, Smooth, Soleil, and Brush, all provide a delicate touch. The hat shape is formed by pressing machinery able to reach up to 18 atm. Two steps and extreme care of detail are employed for each hat, and like old time craftsmanship, the process is the main ingredient.

Ironing and Brim-cutting Guerra Italian hats

The secret of Mastro Cappellaio's one hundred year old process of steam and pressure is used to accomplish the brim-ironing and create a first class product. Accuracy and care are imperative in forming the brim dimension. In this phase some of those old precious secrets of Guerra 1855 are unveiled and provide the unique characteristics Guerra's exclusive Italian hats are known for.

Trimming Guerra Italian hats

As in all masterpieces, the little details, accuracy, and strive for perfection all contribute to the perfection achieved in the finishing dressing. Hand made stitching and manually printed linings are some of the fine details Guerra still includes, and with the same care employed since 1855. Now the Guerra 1855 hat is truly complete, ready to be both worn and prized.


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